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The only place where Random acts of Kindness are more popular than Selfies

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Share deeds that you are proud of with the world and amplify them. Your one Random Act of Kindess has the power to change the world.


Help teach kids in Africa or do a blood donation drive in your neighborhood. Better yet call on other volunteers to help you build a homeless shelter.


Support local non-profits or homeless person around the corner. Call for funds to help a sick friend in need.

Campaign Management

Manage crowdfinding and volunteering campaigns all from one place and reward those who do good.

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Show The World What You Care About

One selfless act has the ability to inspire hundreds of others

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We are volunteers, entrepreneurs, hackers and researchers who firmly believe in karma and its ability to bring about a positive change.

We are launching the crowdfunding part of our Platform at KarmaCrowd.

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